Company Investigations

Through this service, our private detectives offer you the possibility to learn in real time who a company from Romania or abroad, a Romanian or foreign citizen resident or non-resident, an associate or administrator of a company from Romania actually is. Without checking, with minimal spending, using a private detective, the background of those you negotiate a business deal with or interact in other matters you may discover that in a not too distant future that you could suffer huge financial damage.

A private detective from Business Detective can at any moment be at your disposal with a wide range of services during the negotiation of important contracts thus placing your company in the most favorable and competitive position possible.

At our client's request, we issue coroborrating reports signed and sealed to be used as evidence before Romanian authorities or the authorities of othe states.

Business Detective performs the following services:

  • Investigations of associates from Romania and abroad
  • Investigations of companies from Romania and abroad
  • Investigations and surveillance of Romanian companies and adresses of business partners
  • Investigations of finncial fraud in Romania
  • Mystery shopping

Investigation activities and complex surveillance in cases of theft, fraud and deceit with extremely serious consequences. We identify and locate the perpetrators and their accomplices in Romania and abroad, as well as the stolen goods, thus obtaining the necessary evidence for action in court and recovery of the items.

Background checks regarding the presence among ones circle of connections of people involved in financial scandals or who have a criminal record.

Investigations and surveillance of business partners before, during and after meetings are held.

Investigations regarding possible leaks of company confidential information

Analyses and market research regarding competition activity

Hire us! - Private & Professional Detectives

The private detectives, either hired by or associates of BusinessDetective can offer you reliable data and facts, verified and useful, which can aid you in taking the best decisionin regards to the future of your company or your private life.