Employee Investigations

  • Companies that wish to know more about their employees and their collaborators, can use our services to prevent problems in the company's activity, to prevent damage, as well as to track the way in which the employess carry out their duties. For all these reasons a team of private inestigators from Business Detective can be contacted to plan a business meeting.
  • Investigations regarding activities occuring during or out of company business hours carried out by people in leadership positions in the company, who are suspected of involvement in extraprofessional activities for their own benefit or for that of the competition.
  • Investigatons of how free time is spent in the case of employees suspected of drug or alcohol consumption, casino frequenting, financial problems, personal problems (seriously ill relatives that require medical treatment abroad, debts to money lenders, banks or casinos, relatives with drug addictions, relatives with connections to local or cross border organized crime), that have connections with persons from Romania or abroad involved in delinquent activities.
  • Checks regarding behaviour in former places of employment
  • Investigations regarding the way the employee's responsibilities spelled out in the labor contract were fulfilled.
  • Mystery shopping professionals
  • Complex investigations regarding the identification of those involved in stealing goods and equipment from the company.
  • Investigations and surveillance for the purpose of identifying and of proving the guilt of those involved in company loss, as well as for taking preemptive measures to stop any robbery attempt or any attempt of creating organized delinquent groups by company employess or by others.
  • At our client's request, we issue coroborrating reports signed and sealed to be used as evidence before Romanian authorities or the authorities of othe states.

Hire us! - Private & Professional Detectives

The private detectives, either hired by or associates of BusinessDetective can offer you reliable data and facts, verified and useful, which can aid you in taking the best decisionin regards to the future of your company or your private life.