Price Rates

The prices charged by our private detectives are negotiated with the client and agrred upon by common agreement. The price depends on the degree of complexity of each individual case.

The data and information collected through investigation and surveillance by our private detectives are shown to the client only.

At our client's request, we issue corroborating reports signed and sealed to be used as evidence before Romanian authorities or the authorities of other states.

The required services need to be scheduled in advance of the contract date with a prior minimum seven day notice.

The services required by our clients are carried out according to a service delivery contract that contains a confidentiality clause.

All services are invoiced, the client will receive a bill or a bill and receipt as the case may be.

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The private detectives, either hired by or associates of BusinessDetective can offer you reliable data and facts, verified and useful, which can aid you in taking the best decisionin regards to the future of your company or your private life.